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Sita Loop

Artist Statement ~

Sita painting

My feelings are that my artistic expression is an inherent trait. I remember painting with my Grandfather as a young child and my greatest inspiration has been my Father who encouraged me to draw and taught me the power of color.  I am a self-taught painter since childhood. My mediums are oils, acrylics and watercolors; painting a variety of subject matter from old world still life, florals and figure paintings, and with great affection, Native Americans to Petroglyph Ponies and a variety of animals.


Many years ago, I dreamed a beautiful story where petroglyph ponies ran on cave walls about cliffs high above the desert below. This is where my Signature Petroglyph Pony paintings came from.  My version of the wild mustangs running free forever.  I now incorporate my Petroglyph style with many other animals and scenes but they are forever a Petroglyph. Each symbol has meaning, for example any pony looking up in a painting is me.


I grew up in the heart of Richmond, Virginia and adored spending time in the mountains of Virginia where my Grandparents lived. My Grandfather loved the West and the many cultures, especially Native Americans. Hence my fondness and dreams of living in the West grew from his Art, stories and adventures out here. My dreams never left.  Living throughout Arizona, and New Mexico, and eventually Las Vegas, NV after my sweet husband found me in NM.  We now reside in our forever home here in East Tennessee.  Near my son, his wife and our two precious grandsons.  Our journeys brought us together years ago.  May the magic in our hearts bring enlightenment to our love, life and to Art!


My passion for the West, the peoples, and my Spiritual connection to the land is strong.  I believe Art is an expression of my Spirit. Sometimes my art touches the Spirit of others in the same way. “In Spirit We All Move as One”. 

~ “Happy Colors”




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